HOHNER hs 90 guitar


I have a wonderful guitar made by Hohner but it does not have any model or a serial number ,only the "HOHNER " graphic mark. I searched the net and I found that my guitar looks like a “hs 90” .Every comment said it’s a “rare model” . I would like to know ,how old is it, the specs , initial price and everything possible about this beauty :slight_smile: .I forgot to mention that it looks very similar with a certain " G " model (crafted in Germany) and I read that only 25 off these guitars were made .Could this be true ? (This story was posted on a classified ads site and I was thinking that the vendor might be exagerating a bit ).
It looks exactly like the one in the link:


Thanks in advance for any help.


Hey Bobby,

the HOHNER HS90 was introduced in 1997 and discontinued around the year 2000. To determine the exact year of production we need the serial number.

The body of the HS90 is made of maple, alder and rosewood, the neck is made of maple and comes with a rosewood fingerboard.
This guitar has a 645 mm scale. For the electronics we used to standard single coils and a humbucker in bridge position.

In 1998 the official price for this guitar was 775 DM (which would be around 390 € today).

That are all the Information that we found.

I hope it helps!


Thank you very much for the informations Ciro !
Best Regards,Bobby…