Hohner Information please

Hi, I have a Hohner Steinberger Bass, serial number 8902987. Talk about please

Hi Scott,
those are great basses, still immensely popular today. The first two figures in the serial number presumably refer to the year of manufacture, in this case 1989. This instrument was built in S. Korea.
Hohner was able to license the original design from Ned Steinberger in about 1985 and if I recall correctly had access to some of the original hardware such as the clever tremolo arm on the guitars which could also be used to tune the whole instrument down.
The Hohner versions offered one of the best deals on the market, as the original Steinbergers cost several thousand $.

Hello Steve, thank you for the information and for your attention! :facepunch:t5::facepunch:t5::facepunch:t5::guitar::guitar::guitar::notes::musical_note::notes:

You’re welcome mate!