Hohner JJ Bass truss rod nut removable or welded?


The truss rod nut of my Hohner JJ Bass (from early 90’s) is stripped, I cannot adjust it with the hex key.

One option is to try to change the nut, but for that it has to be removable and not welded to the truss rod.

Can someone tell me if on this bass the truss rod nut is removable or welded?

Thank you for your help.

We no longer have guitars in the program, so there is no longer a product manager who knows about details of this nature. Maybe you’ll find something here, it seems to be a fairly common problem:
Hope that’s a help

Thanks a lot Steve. Yes, it helps. I’ll try to dismount the nut, without forcing to not break the truss rod if it’s welded

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If it helps someone:

The truss rod nut on this bass is removable. It was quite difficult to remove it as it was completly stripped. Finally, the solution was to drill the bottom of the nut with a 4mm bit, after I was able to unscrew the nut using a Torx T25