Hohner L59 and all over Hohner guitars

Hi all, i have just brought a l59 and love the guitar, i have also bought a rp 200 and getting a rp 250 delivered on tuesday, i please want any feed back on information on these guitars like cost and how rare they are and more importantly how you rate them to the top brands, for me the l59 stands out and got this guitar by looking on the internet and have never seen one since…


Hi damhawk. The LP has been a very popular model and lots of them have been produced. Production started in mid 80ies and went until end of 90ies or maybe longer. The current value is difficult to assess and definitely depends on the condition of the instrument. The first guitars were sold between 600 and 700 Deutsche Mark (former German currency). At the end of the 90’s up to 900 Deutsche Mark were charged for a new LP59 model.

Hi Where can i see the seriel number on my Hohner Proffsinal L59?
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