Hohner Melodica Piano 26 Models

There is several Hohner Melodica Piano 26 models:

  1. dark grey metal one with MZ9909 (small keys)
  2. black half plastic one with MZ9909 (medium keys)
  3. black half plastic one with tube style mouthpiece
    I am interested in infrormation about second one.
    Does it have much difference with first one, except keys size?
    Does anyone has old advertisement booklets showing range of models?

Unfortunately we don’t have any old advertisement booklets showing the models. But you are welcome to have a look at our homepage. Here you will find the current assortment. The instruments differ in tonal range, design and mouthpiece.

We hope this information helps.

Best regards,


Thank you for advise, Claudia. Unfortunately, Hohner now produce melodicas with plastic body. They do not have such rich resonate sound like old metal one. I have Rasta model which sounds like more like trumpet. Also I have old Gray metal piano 26 which produce almost perfect Italian accordion style sound. I hope Hohner returns to metal body melodicas production in future.

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