Hohner professional Ferrari st lefty body,and St scorpion neck

I would really really very badly like to know what type of pickups are in my guitar.i just bought it used today and am fixing it up and bringing it back to life right now.
Th neck pickup says MMK 45.
And it has a fat rail on one side and Duncan distortion look on the other side with hex key screws.
The bridge pickup is not potted and is falling apart…lol.but it has a black cover on it like an EMG but it’s not active.and it has a copper base.and is a pickup that has 3 height screws…thank you in advance for any good info you can help me with.i already read the hohner models off and it didn’t tell me anything but generic info like 2 humbuckers and then didn’t say what they were or looked like it how hit they are.
id like to know all about these pups.

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