Hohner Professional J Bass F1 - Fretless C201510


Unwanted bass guitar was given to me last month, I was wondering if you could tell me when and where it was made -Hohner Professional J Bass F1 - Fretless - Serial number C201510


Hey Hohner UK. There was a J Bass FL which i found in my documents. Here is the specs. Californian solid maple; bolt on Canadian rockmaple neck with fretless ebonol fingerboard; 2x HP BS-6 J-style; singlecoil; vol/vol/tone; chrome hardware; tortoise pickguard; colour: ivory, black (since 1994).
Could that be the one you are looking for?
The model with the sereial number C201510 was made in 1992.


Saw your add and am wondering if your Hohner J bass is for sale? Thanks for your consideration, Juan