Hohner Professional ST Special Strat Style Guitar

Hello Hohner,

I am wondering if you can tell me the specifics of the Horner Professional ST Special style guitar.
Serial Number is 8932376 - Made in Korea Of Course.

  1. Type of Wood Used for the body and neck ?
  2. Is this guitar a 1957 Strat Style or later like a 60’s standard etc.
  3. Style of Pickups 50’s or 60’s, 6k os close that

Would love to hear back if you have any information as there is one in a new by shop that I am looking at would love to learn more about it

Thanks so much !!


Hello Steve,

This serial number indicates that the model was made in 1989. For more information on the Hohner guitar models from that time please check our model list the service area of our homepage.

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