Hohner Professional ST59 model specs

I just bought a Hohner Professional ST59 with serial number: C210329
Can you please help me with any specs you have for it like:

  • Year of manufacture
  • Place of manufacture
  • Does C from the serial mean anything (Cort factory?). I asked for another serial of an LP75 and the first two digits represented the year of manufacture.
  • Does it have ATN System?
  • Any other details on this model will be nice to know.
    Thank you!

Dear Robert,

Thanks for posting here again. So you are a big fan and collector of Hohner guitars or do you deal them?

Have you checked the list in our service area on our web site for the specs?

As for the year of manufacture the serial number C210329 indicates that this model is from 1992. It’s not always the first two digits representing the year. With some models and some decades, the digit representing the decade is missing. So its a result of mix and match I would say. Place of manufacture is Korea. Regarding the Cort or Cortek factory origin its hard for me to make any comments as there has been some confusion over the last years and my knowledge is not 100% founded.

Thanks for your understanding

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