Hohner serial number help

Hello! I own a Hohner MC-05 guitar with the serial number 010943.
Can you tell me what year it was made?

Hi GuitarOwner! The model you refer to was manufactured in 1991. Best regards, Kristin

Thanks for the information ! Would you also happen to know what that guitar could be worth?

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about the current value of the guitar. This depends once on the condition of the guitar and of course on the general market demand for the model, for which I have no information. Sorry.

Hi , I have a Hohner no E715862 do you have any information on this guitar please

Hello Kristen, looking some info on my new beauty HS 45 VS. S/n is DCO 5030484 any info would be amazing thank you so much

Hi I have a hohner that I love it is marked HG 75 but I cannot seem to find this particular model anywhere it seems like it should be strung up as a classical but still strings really suit it well