Hohner Service Technician Certified


I am delighted to become a Certified Hohner Service Technician. I was informally endorsed by Hohner through Micheal Timler since 2011. But now at last, it is formal.

I really enjoyed my stay in Trossingen. I attended the Hohner factory each morning there. I learned a lot about the many processes to make just one model from the Little Lady to the new Super 64x! The amount of skill, attention to detail on each process and all the skilled work involved is astounding to say the least! Everybody in the factory seem so pleasant. The service team there are all lovely too. I had such fun hanging out with them. Gabrielle Hand is such a lovely and talented lady.
Pleased and proud to call myself a Ireland’s Hohner Service Technician and look forward to visiting Trossingen again.


Hello Cathal, indeed, Mrs. Gabriele Hand ist a highly qualified and very experienced Harmonica Technician of Hohner. I learnt to met her as a pupil by the Hohner Master Workshops in Trossingen and she has taken care of my old Hohner 16-hole Chromatic Harmonica, which had to be refitted and also of some diatonics Harps and I was very sattisfied with the result. Also her collegues are very nice and also well trained persons (I learnt to know some, but unfortunatety can’t name them.)
Cathal, I learnt from the Hohner Service (stated on the Hohner Internet side) that you are situated in Galway. I’ve never been in Ireland yet, but it is on my to-do-list for the future (and a longing) and it has to be for sure Galway and the sourroundings, of what I read about Ireland in general!
In a little town called Müllenbach in the Region of the Mosel-Eifel, where I live nearby, there are regularly concerts with native players/singers (all instruments) of Ireland and Scottland. (We owe this to the organizer, Mr. Frans Somers, a Netherlands, who lived for long time in Ireland and since some years in Müllenbach. For example, this weekend there will be the performance of the singer and songwriter Emma Langford (folk-jazz). Artists like her give us the longing to learn more about your country and the people.
I wish you success in your Job for Hohner!
Best Greatings from Germany, Kerstin


Thanks Kerstin,
Do come to Galway and visit me here in my workshop. I’d be delighted to show you round and talk about harmonica and play a few tunes. Galway and it surroundings are lovely and I am sure you will have a great time!
Your hometown sounds exciting too! Sounds like there is a nice Irish contingent there. Perhaps your friend Frans Somers might have me over to give a recital sometime! :wink:
Thanks for your reply and well wishes. I wish you the best from Galway, Ireland.


Welcome to the exclusive group of Hohner Service Technicians, Cathal! It’s certainly good news for players in Ireland. Wishing you every success,
all the best


Thanks Steve! A great experience for sure. I hope and look forward to going back again!


Congrats Cathal! Big congratulations for officially joining the Hohner team! Joe Filisko