Hohner stores in dubai

Hi everyone.
Me new to this site. Can someone please help me with ’ from where to buy super 64 in dubai’
I have spoken to several music stores and none seem to b stocking it.

Hi Praveen,
sorry about the late response to your query, for some reason the site didn’t show it until now. I will enquire at Hohner about a stockist in Dubai and get back to you as soon as I hear from them.

Hi Praveen,
here is the contact info for the dealership which sells Hohner instruments in Dubai:

Thomsun Trading EST.
Salahuddin Road P.O. BOX 6419"

Phone: +971 4 262 6261
Fax: +971 4 262 3980
Mail: sam@popmusic.ae

Hope this helps. If they don’t stock the model you’re looking for, it may be simplest to purchase from one of the international online retailers such as Thomann. Here the link to the Super 64X in their webshop: