Hohner The Jack Bass Custom

Hi there. I’ve has this bass for years, bought from a friend with the intention of learning (I’m a drummer) and this has sadly not come to pass, and I think it really needs to find a home with someone who can play it! The serial number is 9001891. It’s solid black, and in very good condition, with a few minor dings around the power jack. Would appreciate any advice re: pricing / where best to offer it for sale?


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I’ve enquired if Hohner Service can offer any info about date & place of manufacture. I’ll let you know what they say.

If you want to sell it, why not take a look on Ebay and see what they’re going for? These are not expensive guitars, but they’re highly regarded and offer good value for money, so I’m sure you’ll find a purchaser fairly easily. Good luck!

Many thanks! I’m getting it looked over by a local repair guy, then will pop it on eBay.

Hohner Service says your bass was manufactured in 1989. Here the specs:

HOHNER “The Jack Bass“

body: Californian solid maple; through neck: Californian maple with Indian rosewood fingerboard; 24 nickel silver frets; colours: dark natural, black; 2 Select, designed by EMG; bass humbucker / 2 J-style pickups; active tone control, on/off; vol/vol/tone: treble/bass; black hardware, Steinberger; Fine-Tuning-Bridge

So grateful. Many thanks, Steve. Really appreciate this! Have a wonderful Christmas.

You’re welcome. Likewise have a great Christmas!

Hi, I’m interested in your Jack. If you still have it please contact me. gettinghotter@hotmail.com
Thanks Brian

Very interested, please call 504-289-4907

Hi there,
I’ve given it a look-over and the active pickups aren’t working, so it’s booked in for a small repair. Once it’s ready, I’ll post the eBay link here.

Thanks for your interest!

I’m in the UK, btw. Hope that’s not off-putting, shipping-wise!

Hi… I have a Hohner ‘The Jack’ passive headless bass, and I’m wondering if you can tell me where I can get one of the screw-in tuning knobs for the Steinberger tailpiece? I live in Scotland, so a supplier in the UK or Europe would be good. Thanks.

Hi there. I’m sorry, I wouldn’t have a clue. But someone on here surely will!

Hi Andy

A mate of mine makes all that stuff for Steinberger and licenced basses. I can give you an email address if you like?

He’s based in Cork

Here’s the link to the spare parts still available from Hohner CSHOP:

If they don’t have the part you’re looking for, overdriver’s suggestion sounds most helpful. Good luck!