Horner Limited Edition Guitar

I own what I think is a 1976 Horner Limited Edition Acoustic Guitar …it is by far the sweetest sounding guitar I own and I enjoy playing it. I am not the original owner…I purchased in the early 1980s and would love to learn more about this wonderful sounding guitar. I can no longer read the model number…the serial number is: 6037111. I think it was made in 1976. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Anyone that can help out I would greatly appreciate…As I mentioned his is by far my favorite guitar…not the most expensive but damn does it sound like a million dollars. Hit has the “BIG” sound and it can sustain notes like no other box guitar I ever “Played” …the craftsmanship is extraordinary being hand built in Japan for Horner…they did an excellent job. I would put this guitar up against any Gibson hummingbird or Martin…

Hello, Is it a Horner, or Hohner guitar?

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