How to get an Hohner G3T Oiled Finish

Hi all,
The G3T oiled finish model is for me a completely successful guitar.
The only difficulty is that it is impossible to find it on the second-hand market.
Also, I set out to transform a black lack model into an oiled finish.
Here’s my original guitar.

Here are my steps:

  1. Blowing because the strippers do not attack the varnish at all. Sand with grain 180 with a circular sander to avoid errors.

  2. Tint with a water dye (which lifts the fiber from the wood) … let the wood fiber drink … sanding with a fine grain… dye again with the same dye (for my part, I wiped the remaining dye on the surface)
    Then first layer of Danish Oil

  3. Second layer of Danish Oil … the curves of the wood fiber become clearer.

  4. Apply a shiny varnish, then sand to the1000 grain water to prepare the support for the installation of the water slide decal.

and stabilize the logo with a matte varnish drop very finely spraying in mist

  1. Spray 5 to 8 coats of varnish. Allow to dry 1 to 2 hours between layers to facilitate the handling of the instrument. Punching places where you could stick fibers or other dust … Reassembly after 24 hours

Compare with the original model.

Hoping that you liked this little tutorial and perhaps will open to someone, the passion of instruments in a different and more “intimate” way.
Take Care.

Thank,you by advance.

What a great job it looks amazing

Hi Bruno Not what i would do to mine but want to remove vynal
coating previous owner put on, that’s why paint stripper didn’t work.
Maybe consider getting string adapter for ordinary strings saves
money try billy gibbons set? What amp do you go through?
Thanks for showing make up of wood construction.

Hi Hooper,
The string adapter is not to save money but more to make it easy to find standard strings.
I have not had the opportunity to try the Gibbons set.
Otherwise I play on a Fender tube amp or Jazz Chorus.
Thanks for your feedback.
Take care.


Impressive work & result! Looks very nice, you are lucky it had such a nice wood underneath all that paint.

I am happy that mine has oil finish from the factory, really like to look & feel of it compared to painted ones.

Thanks for your reply but pictures of your instrument would be welcome.
Sincerely Yours.

Sure, here are a couple I just took, sorry for the photo quality & lightning.


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Yeah, I am leftie so perfect for me.

Based on the inspection date this one has been manufactured on spring 2009, I am the first owner, bought it the same year, on fall 2009.
The serial number is a decal located under the tilting leg support, it is nearer the hinge than the output jack.

I am not planning to sell, I use it as a practice & travel guitar. I have not gigged with it, but have occasionally brought it as back-up.
The good: small overall size, full strat scale neck and surprisingly good pickups, easy to play action, decent trem, good balance when sitting
The bad: a bit awkward to play when standing, hard to set precise string intonation due to the bridge design.
Summary: Very positive, like it a lot, best travel guitar so far (have had a couple…)

Nice model and in addition a left-handed model.
What year is it?
Where is the serial number on your model?
if you wanted to sell it, don’t hesitate to contact me again.
Have a nice day.

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