How to use bluesharmonica free online lesson code

Hi, recently I bought a new harmonica from Hohner. There’s a free lesson code in it. And I don’t know how to use it. I’d be appericated if you’d help me.

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Hi Adil,
to redeem your voucher, just go to the website, register your name etc., scroll down to the button “To the free online lesson", click there and then enter the code on the voucher for the one month free lessons at the checkout.
Hope you enjoy!

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Tried to register numerous times.
Have given up.
This is the 3rd Hohner harmonica I bought, and couldn’t get free lessons on any of them.
Not amused at all

Strange, I will check this out and reply here. May be a broken link.

yo tampoco puedo acceder a las clases gratuita

Hi Paul,
I mailed David Barrett for clarification, here his response:

In almost all cases it’s because the customer has not gone to the address printed on the redemption coupon. If they go to the url minus the /hohner, and try to register, then it will show a charge.

Other issues are rare, and we can help them via our Contact Us page here (feel free to share this with any customers having issues… we check this email throughout the day and are usually able to get issues resolved within 24 hours).

There is only one redemption per customer/email address (and for past subscribers the offer is not valid).

I hope that’s a help

Just wanted to update this: If you log on to, the first thing you see is a registration form for the Hohner Newsletter to receive information on new products, events and promotions. If you scroll down, below it is a bar with the inscription “To the Free Online Lessons”. Click this to register with, then enter the code on the insert which came with the instrument. The charge is then automatically deducted at the checkout and you can enjoy your free lessons. This system worked fine for me!

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