Hows my playing?

Check out vichyfd111on youtube and please give me your opinion(s)

Hi Scott, Nice clean single note version of this song with sweet hand tremolo. Just about everybody would know the melody. If you want to improve upon it I would suggest playing with a metronome or if you can find one, a background practice track. You have some rhythm glitches in your version that will be problematic if you try and play with other musicians. Joe Filisko

Thank you for your info, I will definitly work on that. I need all the help I can get :grin:

hi scott depending on what key your harp is in, on YT there is a piano backing by instrumental praise that could work watch?v=yixWRocskp0
my style would be curtis rock drum cover. or from uk harry secombe.
better to cut out singing just have a beat as joe says.
hope this helps Ian

Thank you I will definately chech it out