HP BASS Info & date serial n° C300107

I have the opportunity to get a HOHNER HP BASS and I would like to have more information because I have the impression that everything does not fit with the “HOHNER - HISTORICAL GUITAR MODEL” table.
So it’s a black HP Bass, white pickguard, black buttons with a maple fingerboard and two pickups (1 Precision and 1 Jazz). I can’t find a model with maple fingerboard in the pdf table and I don’t have the opportunity to try the bass (it’s for a possible remote purchase) but I have the serial number : C300107

Is it possible to know the year of manufacture ? The wood used for the body ? And the weight ? (I have some back problems and try not to play with too heavy instruments).
Thanks in advance for your answers,

Hi Nico,

according to Hohner Service, the serial no. tells us this instrument was built in 1993. Unfortunately there is no record of body wood or weight. Here’s the available info:

21 nickel silver frets; bolt on one-piece Canadian rock maple neck / Indian rosewood fingerboard; colour: black (RN), red (MN); 1 HP single coil BS-5 (P-style); vol/tone; chrome hardware; graphite nut.

Hope this aids your deliberations. Hohner guitars from this period were often very good instruments and offer great value.