HW300g-twr truss rod adjustment

i have a 300g-twr and i want to to adjust the truss rod but i don’t know which size it is it looks like a hex wrench but none non of my wrenches worked. help. my guitar has a seriously upbowed neck i just wanna lower the action and keep playing. thanks.

You need a 4mm Allen key to adjust the truss rod.

if i could suggest, when turning the truss rod, do so incrementally. say, 1/8 turn per day until satisfied. also, be aware of creating a buzz on the upper frets if too much is done.

That’s a sensible suggestion, don’t overdo it and take the time to see how the neck settles in after each adjustment.

May i also add, that i too own a HW300 HIGHWAYMAN. I walked into a pawn shop in New Iberia, Louisiana and was just browsing. of course i have to visit the guitar section. well at that time i guess Hohner was distributing some of its lineup thru these shops. i pick up the RED Hohner, and honestly, i strummed a couple of notes and HAD to buy it. With its new NUBONE bridge in the back, the guitar to this day is one of the most true toned, lowest action guitar ever. I own a $3K Composite Acoustic Legacy, Ibanez 12 string, a ESP Ltd Viper electric and the Hohner. Hohners true intonation and low action is better than all of them. once i have that thing tuned. I can be playing chords at the top of the neck as well as past the double dot octave with no drop in pitch. most guitars, when perfectly tuned have an issue with the 6th string G and the open 3rd string G, with the top string G being slightly higher in pitch, not this one. when movement takes me into the lower 40, if you will, i generally have to tune the bottom two strings up in pitch, just a tad, but not with this one. the true test to me is using a tuner that when playing any string OPEN has the light indicator steady solid, and then i strike the harmonic at the 12th fret and it is also steady solid, whammo…its a great experience to have ones guitar keep up with the demands of a seasoned player as well as a seasoned ear. Pics of the Hohner.

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