Idenifying my Hohner

I am trying to identify my grandfathers Hohner. Made by Hohner Germany- Star inside the logo. The other side seems to have Asian writing on it and then the word “Everybodys”

I’ve passed the photo on to the Harmonica Museum and will let you know what they say.

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Thanks so much I’d appreciate that !

Martin Häffner from the Harmonica Museum in Trossingen says it probably dates from around 1950 and was manufactured in Germany. Presumably a tremolo harmonica, made specifically for the Far East market. Hope that helps,

Though it could also be earlier than 1950, Martin said they were initially made in the 1930s. It’s a fairly common model, so it’s hard to tell exactly when it was made. Some believe the star indicates it dates from before around 1937, but there is evidence that they continued using this symbol until much later, so that isn’t conclusive.

Thank you so much. I would like to see this harmonica go to someone who greatly appreciates it. What would be the best way to sell It and at what price? I live in Melbourne Australia. It makes sense my dutch grandfather has this as he went to Japan and asia before ww2.

You’re welcome. I doubt if the harmonica is worth much today apart from its sentimental value to you. There may be tremolo harmonica groups if you look on Facebook, or you could offer it on Ebay. Unless they’re rare or in mint condition or provenly belonged to somebody famous, old harmonicas generally aren’t valuable. May be better to hang on to it in memory of your grandfather.