Identify of HG-100 classical guitar s/n 24850

Would like help in confirming this guitar as authentic Hohner classic guitar, made in Japan by S. Yairi. Serial number HG 100 24850 stamp. Label reads S.Yairi, Hand Crafted. Nagoya, Japan

Appreciate assistance on this matter,

Where does it say this is a Hohner guitar? Could you please post a photo showing the Hohner logo?

It doesn’t. The model number on the label & stamp suggest it might be. HG- model guitars were manufactured in Japan by S.Yairi for Hohner in 1970’s to early 1980’s. However, HG-100 & the serial number, I have been advised by Hohner, does not appear in its archives:
‘We actually had the HG series in our range from the late 70s to the mid 80s, but unfortunately we couldn’t find any information about the HOHNER HG 100 in our archives, but that doesn’t mean that this guitar wasn’t made by us.’

I purchased this guitar from a musical instrument supply shop in Melbourne in 1986. It might be neither a Hohner, nor made by S.Yairi. The purpose of my inquiry is to help identify the guitar, not perpetrate some fraud, as I purchased this as student guitar in all honesty.

Understand. Hohner Service confirms that from the late 1970s until the mid 1980s, Hohner had a Japanese-made model with the designation HG 100 in the program, but the name Yairi didn’t ring any bells. They say it probably isn’t a Hohner instrument, but it’s hard to be certain after such a long time. Sorry not to be able to be more informative,