Im I calling my harmonics Harp's wrong

I’m talking about the Harmonica. I say harps. What do the Germans say and everyone else.

Mundharmonika in German, Gaita in Brazilian… Then in American Countryside Slang I assume they address it as Harp… In Britain they say Mouth Organ or Mouth harmonica… I wonder why nobody answered your query as yet… But I tried…:rofl::joy::100:


One of the oldest German names for the harmonica is mundharfe: Mouth harp. So it’s not wrong to call the harmonica a harp, that’s been done since the beginning, and it’s a very common name for the instrument.

I talk a bit about the history of the name in my book Harmonica For Dummies, which is available in English, German, French, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese.


Yea, sadly the forum is not very “lively”, I hope this will change cos Hohner is the best harp maker and this forums UI is great ;) I dont know anyone that plays actual Harp, but I know a lot of us that play The Harp!
I love the name and use it, it`s short, sweet and to the point…we overtook it and I hope it will go international!
Mouth Organ sounds…kinky!
Harmonica name is used (in my country) for accordion, so harp I like!!!

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i have always refered to my harmonica as harp. mikie:smile:2020-02-15T19:12:00Z

Hey Michael-5, yes, in a proper german the name is Mundharmonika, but we use a short “Muha” in common slang. In old german slang and also austrian language, which the germans don’t use anymore, it’s also called Gosch’nhobel. That means something like mouth slicer.
Regards, Kerstin