Instruction for Harmonica

I recently received a gift of “Masters Class”. I’m in the middle of a session given by Herbie Hancock which covers a great deal about Jazz and the Piano. Is there any similar program available for Harmonica, particularly for Chromatic? Thanks, Richard

Hi Richard,
I’m not certain if there is anything comparable available for chromatic. I can ask around and if I hear of anything I’ll get back to you.

Thanks Steve, Richard

You may find this helpful. Wim Dijkgraaf is a good jazz player from the Netherlands who takes the time to explain things:

Thanks for the follow-up; it’s appreciated. Richard

This is something any newcomer to the Chromatic should view. The section on holding the instrument is quite beneficial. This instrument is significantly larger than a Diatonic and I was having difficulty holding due t it’s size; no longer. Also the instructor is using the a CX12 which is what I’m trying to learn so the videos are quite appropriate. Richard

Great, glad that helped you!

Hi, I have been learning blues harp since February and I’ve completed the course with Luke Clebsch. I friend of mine suggested that I take David Barrett’s course because he teaches a lot of tongue blocking instead of puckering. So, I have just signed up, but I’d like to ask, roughly how long does David’s 10 step course take?

That sounds like a good suggestion, David is the best organised harmonica teacher on the planet. His didactic methods are second to none and as you say he focuses mainly on tongue blocking, which you need to master if you want to create the authentic blues harmonica sound. I don’t know that there’s a fixed time period for his 10 step course, I assume that would depend on you. I’ll ask him and get back to you. Please give my regards to Luke,

Do you know if there’s a way to get a series of Wm. Dijkgraaf’s teaching videos? Thanks, Richard

David says:
The beginning levels typically take students ~3 months each (3x3 = 9 months total), the intermediate ~4 months each (3x4 = 12 months), and the advanced levels ~5 months each (4x5 = 20 months)… so ~3 years for a fast student and ~4-5 years for others. This is assuming that the students is a beginner when they start the program.

Why not post a comment on Youtube and ask him directly? I hesitate to post his email on a public forum.

Thanks, I didn’t realize that was an option.Richard

Thank you, Steve. I appreciate the reply. It gives me timeline goals to strive for and lets me know if I’m on track. Thank you again.