Is it worth it buying a used harmonica?


I’m thinking about buying a chromatic harmonica. I’m still new to playing and am intrigued by the chromatic harmonicas. Is it worth it to buy a used one, or am I bound to be frustrated? I came across an offer for a new Super Chromonica 48 bundled with book and CD (Hohner step by step) for approximately 133 euro. Is it better to save up and spend a bit more for something like that set instead?


Buying used harmonicas can be problematic as a beginner, I would advise against it unless you’re able to service your instruments yourself. A new instrument is also covered against manufacturing defects by the warranty, whereas nobody will guarantee that a used harmonica will be 100% OK to play. Caveat emptor!


Hi. My first chromatic harmonica was a cheap one from e-bay. It was rubish and virtualy unplayable. I then bought a Hohner Superchromonica for around £83 (UK Pounds) and wished I’d done this straight away. I could never think of playing a second hand.(second mouth?) instrument as they do not have a removable mouthpiece and/or reed like, say, a saxophone.


Thanks for your replies, both of you :slight_smile: I figured that might be the case. I’ll just drop the thought of buying second hand and get myself a brand new one. Maybe in time I’ll look for a used chromatic just for tinkering. But I guess it’s safest to buy new and avoid the frustration. Thanks again!


Hey Joakim,
apart from the technical condition please consider the hygienic condition too. For a beginner it could be too challanging diassembling a Super Chromonica, cleaning it and reassembling it whithout producing an airleaking instrument. I highly recommend to buy a new one which is hygienic clean, quality controlled and protected by warrenty,
Best regards


Thanks Richard. I couldn’t resist it and ordered myself a new Super Chromonica yesterday, after Steve and Theo9a convinced me :wink: Hope it arrives before christmas. Can’t wait!