L59 Professional (Korea era) specs

Hello all, glad to be here. Here’s the story: A friend found a L59, Korean era (1990-94), in perfect cosmetic condition, but with electronics corroded past hope, bought it and gave it to me. (Yup, that’s a friend.) Gorgeous piece, great neck, and it’s been fixed up with new HBs and sounds like a fine LP should. (Yes, I’ve owned a couple big G’s too. I’ll keep this one, thanks.)

What I need to know is the specs, and not all of them, just the body, neck and fretboard materials. I can tell it’s got a gorgeous flamed maple cap, a deep burgundy color with tiger striping. But what’s underneath the cap? A Reverb seller said the body is solid maple (!) with rosewood fretboard on a mahogany neck. I’ve never seen that combination of materials. Is it correct? Anyone know the factory in Korea? Thanks in advance for any help.

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the HOHNER L59 guitar was built from 1985 until the middle of the 90s in Korea. This guitar comes indeed with a solid Californian maple body (with flamed maple veneer top) and a Mahogany neck with Indian rosewood fingerboard.

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Many thanks, Ciro. It’s a wonderful guitar, and I’ve never had a solid maple guitar before. Quite unique. Best regards, Hunter

You are welcome, Hunter. I wish you a lot of fun with your HOHNER L59.