L59 Professional (Korea era) specs


Hello all, glad to be here. Here’s the story: A friend found a L59, Korean era (1990-94), in perfect cosmetic condition, but with electronics corroded past hope, bought it and gave it to me. (Yup, that’s a friend.) Gorgeous piece, great neck, and it’s been fixed up with new HBs and sounds like a fine LP should. (Yes, I’ve owned a couple big G’s too. I’ll keep this one, thanks.)

What I need to know is the specs, and not all of them, just the body, neck and fretboard materials. I can tell it’s got a gorgeous flamed maple cap, a deep burgundy color with tiger striping. But what’s underneath the cap? A Reverb seller said the body is solid maple (!) with rosewood fretboard on a mahogany neck. I’ve never seen that combination of materials. Is it correct? Anyone know the factory in Korea? Thanks in advance for any help.



the HOHNER L59 guitar was built from 1985 until the middle of the 90s in Korea. This guitar comes indeed with a solid Californian maple body (with flamed maple veneer top) and a Mahogany neck with Indian rosewood fingerboard.


Many thanks, Ciro. It’s a wonderful guitar, and I’ve never had a solid maple guitar before. Quite unique. Best regards, Hunter


You are welcome, Hunter. I wish you a lot of fun with your HOHNER L59.