Learning to play bending

Hi! as i am learning myself, don’t know if it is ok my harmonica… when i am trying to do bending there a metallic sound appear. Not always, sometimes it almost good bend. If the problem in me or it is the instrument not good? thx

Hi, it would be useful if you tell which harmonica you are playing. I guess the problem Is the instrument.

The question is, does the metallic sound come out on each bent note or is it just one note. If it occurs on all the notes, the instrument probably should be replaced. If it just one or two notes you may have a bad reed. Also, you never mention what make of harp it is (I have a few of the cheaper models that sometimes does that).

What model harmonica are you playing? Bending is a technique which only works on diatonic harps such as Blues Harp, Marine Band or Special 20. It can’t be done on other types of harmonica. Bending is possible out of the box on any of the above mentioned models, but the technique needs to be learned. Here’s a link to a short video which may help you:


Only now i see message, and the problem was with harmonica, it was Lee Oscar. So now i am playing on the Golden Melody. Well, yes, the bending is the question of how much time i practise, sometimes i can do it but not always ))

Hi Marina,
you’ll find that once you’re more familiar with the unaccustomed throat shapes needed to bend notes, it becomes automatic. The exact throat shape is dependent on the actual pitch of the note you’re bending and each hole has it’s own bending characteristics. You may find it easier to bend 6-draw than 4-draw, for example. Many players also find 1-draw easy to bend, because it’s easier to isolate the note. Your starting point should be to play the unbent note at it’s highest possible pitch and then bend it downwards. Don’t suck :wink: