Looking for details on B2 V Headless Bass

I’m looking to see if I can find more information about the B2 V headless bass I have. I received this as a gift from a friend about 10 years ago.
The serial number is 8864141.

Much appreciated, thank you.

Sorry to keep you waiting! The Hohner headless guitars and basses were manufactured in S. Korea under license from Steinberger from the mid-1980s onwards, but I don’t know exactly when this line was discontinued and don’t have any information regarding production dates for individual instruments. The design was first used by Hohner in 1985. The bass guitars in particular are excellent instruments, virtually as good as the original Steinbergers but costing a fraction of the price. They’re still highly regarded and sought after today, so if you play 5 string bass you seem to have lucked out here :star_struck:

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