Looking for Guidance on Selecting the Best Blues-Style Hohner Harmonica

Hello to community members,

I’ve only recently taken up harmonica playing, and I really like blues music. I want to buy my first Hohner harmonica because I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about them. But there are so many models out there that I am little confused about which one to pick.


Is there a suitable Hohner harmonica model that someone who is just starting out and wants to play the blues should get? Something with that vintage blues sound that’s yet simple to play is what I’m searching for. I would also appreciate any advice on keys, upkeep, and extras.

Thank you in advance for help!!

Hi Peter,
welcome to the world of the harmonica! To learn blues harmonica you need a 10-hole diatonic instrument. I usually recommend beginners to start out with the Hohner Special 20, because it has a plastic body which is lip-friendly. This is not specifically a beginners model, I play them myself on occasion, but it’s relatively inexpensive and a real workhorse. Alternatively you could try the Hohner Rocket, it has a similar construction but is more ergonomically shaped so it’s very comfortable to hold, but is more expensive. More traditional options would be the Hohner Blues Harp or one of the models in the Marine Band series, but these have wooden bodies which can be harder on the lips.

Most instructional material recommends starting with a harp in the key of C, but I feel that a lower pitched key such as A or G sounds better. Here’s a link to a couple of videos on basic technique:

Don’t hesitate to ask if you need any further information