Marine Band Extended Range

Are the Marine Band 365/28 harmonicas still in production? Or only the 364/24 available? Thanks, Tony

Hi Tony,
the 365/28 is discontinued but I assume that there is a lot of remaining stock in the market.
Best Richard

Hi Tony,
the range of the Marine Band 365/28 was extended upwards by a further octave, but the layout of the standard “Richter” tuning means that the intervals between blow and draw note in those top holes becomes so great that the upper register is virtually unplayable. I’ve never heard anyone use it. The SBS tuning made this more manageable by extending the range downwards, so the top octave was like on a standard Richter harp, but with an additional hole at the top end. However, this never sold in significant numbers and it has now also been discontinued. If you’re looking for low tuned harps (the main reason why people played the 365), try the Marine Band Thunderbird or the Rocket Low,
regards, Steve

Thanks Steve, I’m aware of all that. We had a retailer asking for that model Marine Band. We sold 3 this week and have enquiries now for more. Despite its limitations, people still are curious enough to want to buy them.

A 12-hole diatonic would still be an interesting idea, like the SBS. But also with other tuning options. The thing I disliked mostly was the larger size holes/length. A 12 hole MB classic/Special 20 comb size would be nicer. But I realise its not a viable product for production and sales.

Thanks for the info
Tony (Kurt Jacob & Co. - Australian wholesalers/distributor for Hohner).

Hi Tony,
I know what you mean about the hole size, though I got used to that when I was playing them regularly. But I had bigger problems with the overall size, as you can’t enclose the whole length of the harp. I’ve become so accustomed to the dimensions of the regular 10 hole models that I don’t feel so comfortable with larger instruments.

Are Jac and Trish still working? If they’re still at it, please pass on my warmest regards :smiley:

Yes, all going strong at KJ Music. Jac is as busy as ever and fighting fit!

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