Marlin by Hohner guitar

Hi, about 3 years ago I got this guitar which needs plenty of TLC from auction for £30. The time has come to spend time bringing it back to life, I have searched the internet to find information on this guitar but have come up with nothing.on the headstock it has Marlin by Hohner SL 1009, on the back of the neck it has a serial number which is not that easy to read, it looks like 01MC777 or it could be 91MC777. I would be most grateful if anyone could give me information about year of manufacture, where it was made, was it a good quality copy of Fender Stratocaster all information would be much appreciated.

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Not sure what a Marlin looks like, but I just refurbished a Hohner Strat. Best advice I can give is be VERY careful on the screws and hardware that you use to restore. Check it out dimension wise before you buy. Everything is a VERY non-standard size. I have been unable to locate a new bridge…it is about 8 mm narrower than any other similar, and as a result, the saddles are narrower as well. Screws are a length and pitch that do not exist here (I’m in Australia) and even international searches didn’t turn anything up. I ended up cleaning the original stuff as best I could and reused to preserve a bit of patina. Nice guitar otherwise. Good luck and have fun.

Hi, thanks for your reply, like you I want to clean original parts and keep patina on guitar. Have tried to add photos but couldn’t so will try adding to a new post so you can have a look, I’m not very good at this :slight_smile:

Hi, have added photo.

Sorry meant to put this photo on too.

Hi Mick. Hohner SL models came up since end of the eighties, so either if its 01MC777 or 91MC777, both would mean that this guitar was made in 1991.


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