Marlin by Hohner SL300G electric guitar

Hello friends,
about 20 years back I bought a ‘Marlin by Hohner SL300G’ Stratocaster copy with the middle pickup not working. Now I’m finally ready to start with playing an electric guitar after 40 years of finger picking. How do I best go about the repair of the old lady?
Kind Regards from Heidelberg, Germany,

Hi Thomas,
depending on your abilities as an electrician, either take the guitar to a service person, or look online. There will no doubt be Youtube vids telling you how to replace pickups on a Strat and the construction of the Hohner Marlin will presumably be similar. It would make sense to find out if the pickup is defective or whether it may simply be a bad electrical connection. Hohner doesn’t offer any repair options for guitars.
Good luck & viel Spaß

Dear Steve,
Thank you for yor kind reply. Will do as you suggest.
Kind Regards,