Meisterklasse chromatic "mystery" parts?

Please help! Have dismantled my chromatic Meisterklasse to clean. First time I’ve separated the reed plates. Have watched cleaning & assembly videos but discovered 2 tiny flat rectangular metal pieces with hole in each sitting at sides of lower reed plate. They are now loose. These are not mentioned or shown in video which showed a different model chromatic harmonica. I was being careful and methodical and from how the pieces were sitting when first seen I can’t understand how they re-attach. I guess the holes are for the screws but how are the pieces positioned?

Have no service manual or even the general manual for Meisterklasse which apparently should have come with my harmonica. How can I get these please? (I’m in Australia).

I was going to introduce my newly acquired harmonica skills to my band at rehearsal tomorrow… :frowning_face:

Update: have reassembled harmonica (with great difficulty) without the mystery parts. everything seems in place, the slide works and notes play but I can’t screw on the mouthpiece firmly even after re-doing it several times. Quite frustrated with the whole thing.

Hi Maggie,
sorry about the delay, lots going on. My knowledge of the MK chromatic is very limited, so I’ve passed your query on to Hohner Service and will get back to you. Seems to me it’s important to find out how to re-install those parts, if the mouthpiece doesn’t sit solidly without them then something’s wrong. In the USA George Miklas is an expert on Hohner chromatics and will no doubt be able to help you, you may want to try try emailing him <harmonicat (at)>.
Good luck!

Hi Maggie,

here’s what Service recommends:

Thanks Steve, the info since received should help others as well. I figured they were nuts needed to hold the mouthpiece on but before I removed the reed plates again I waited for advice from the retailer. Their technician who got back to me also hadn’t dismantled a Meisterklasse before but supported my thoughts. Yes the pieces fit into the bottom of the comb and fall out when the lower reed plate is removed. The pictures sent from Hohner support show how they go back in.

Thanks for the contact in the U.S. as I also have a suspicion the order of inserting screws to secure the mouthpiece might need to be different for this model to that shown in the Hohner assembly video.

It seems that as a novice harmonica player I should have started with a more common and cheaper model! Will probably get one of those as well soon.

Anyway I’m enjoying the instrument (except for cleaning) and my world premier performance, just one little piece for a clutch of old folk, is Tuesday…:smiley:

Best wishes


Glad the info helped, hope your performance goes well!