Melodica Piano 27

Hi guys,

I bought a vintage Melodica Piano 27 and now I wonder how old it might be.!
It has a metal front and back and came with a black and a white mouthpiece.
Does anyone know how old it is?



I cannot see the photo link.

But I can tell you, Hohner invented the Melodica. The metal body ones date back to the 1960s I believe.

As I know those metal model were made from late 60s until beginning of 80s. If you can open it, on the plastic part closer to mouthpiece might be a stamp with month and year. But in early years they didn’t put any stamps. Also there is a difference in design. Old model has round springs in each key, which give smooth and silent pressure. Later model uses “straight” springs, which give specific sound of bending spring metal. And I saw one of 1980, which didn’t have metal axis passing through all keys. I don’t know if it was feature or they just forgot to insert it.

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