Modified accordion Hohner?

Hello, I am new here. I am trying to identify an old accordion that has been modified and shows no brand, but has some looks like Hohner. There is however a ‘serial-number’ S/233/45. It has 41 piano keys, 120 bass, 3 chorus, 2 registers. Can this be a Hohner? Maybe sold to Hagstrom Sweden?

Hallo Michie,
welcome to my.hohner. It might help identify the instrument if you could post a photo. I will pass your enquiry on to Product Management.

Here is one picture of the instrument (due to upload restrictions).

I think the bass side is ‘very Hohner like’… But te rest? If inconclusive I can make some pictures of the inside as well. I am very curious for anyone to be able to give som information on the instrument and whether it is ‘unique’ or just ‘one of a kind’.

I’m not an accordion specialist, but would point out that Hohner’s designs have a long history of being copied by other manufacturers. This is certainly the case with harmonicas. It’s highly improbable that an instrument manufactured by Hohner would nowhere bear the company name.

Maybe this bass works rings a bell?

Certainly not with me, I’m not an accordion expert. I passed your query on to accordion product manager Artur Piech, who sent me the reply below. I hope that clears things up for you.

Hi Steve,
I consulted the experts at our company and in their opinion it is definitely not HOHNER.
It looks like an instrument from Klingenthal, not necessarily Weltmeister, because at the time when this accordion was built there were many small accordion manufacturers in Klingenthal which were at some point eventually absorbed by Weltmeister and then there was only Weltmeister in the region, but this was later and therefore it is not known who was behind the production of this particular accordion.

Thank you Steve and Artur, much appreciated.