Mouth piece screws stripped out

Chromonica 270-C.
It is just over 6 months old, used frequently but not professionally, but the first time I tried cleaning it because the slide was tuck, the screws would not go back in the holes, they just spun a round. So I have been shimming the holes with cedar shims, but a threaded insert, or a through bolt with a nut on the opposite side, like the cover plates, would totally solve this problem. Has any one had trouble with the mouthpiece screws stripping out?

Hi Brian,

I’m not a chrom specialist myself and have passed your query on to product manager Gerhard Müller. If you take a look at the series of care and maintenance videos on the Hohner website, you’ll find detailed information on disassembling and reassembling chromatic harmonicas:

It’s a tricky business which I try to avoid, diatonics are a lot simpler.

I’ll let you know what Gerhard says,


Thank you Steve,
My mouth piece screw stripped out the first time I tried to put it back, the first time I had cleaned it. I do have a harmonica repair mechanic who can put inserts in, but not until October. I may have access to a drill press locally, and if so, I may try to do it myself. I just need the inserts and bolts. I don’t see why a through bolt would not work, alternatively, although it may not be ideal. My rig is unplayable right now, so I am getting another one.
Hohners videos are really good.


Hi Brian,
Gerhard Müller at Hohner says this occasionally happens, but usually only when the wood screws have frequently been removed and replaced or overtightened so that the wood strips out. He says using cedar shims may help but may not be airtight. Inserts will probably give the best result as long as the fit is tight.
Hope that helps