New Golden Melody

As a long term GM player I had long awaited redesign of my fave harp, not least because the red comb crumbles & chips over time.
The new GM is perplexing in it’s total change.
While the playability is very smooth & responsive as I would expect, the new ‘barrel’ shape is not easy or comfortable to hold with large. hands & cupping is problematic.
I have not actually gigged with the new one.
Any thoughts?

I’m a long time GM player also. I have 2 new style GM, G and D. I have problems with both, reed shape, responsiveness and tuning! What is most frustrating and quite frankly irritating is the new GM parts are not compatible with the old style GM!
I’ve worked extensively and with great care, with the new GM! Parts are only available through Hohner.
Why Hohner would radically change one of their top selling harmonicas is beyond me!

Oh dear Mickey - what are we going to do?
I have changed brand to Suzuki sadly

Sorry to hear of your difficulties. Most GM players have reacted enthusiastically to the new version and find it both more airtight and comfortable to play. I’m not a GM player myself, but find it more comfortable to play than the old version, the notch in the covers accommodates my middle finger, the rounded edges and non-slip surfaces make it easier to hold. Mickey I’m not sure what you mean about reed shape, the reeds are no different. I will pass your comments on to product management,

Hi Steve, thanks for responding back to me.
I’m wondering if Hohner has any old style GM reeds plates, Keys, G,A,C,D and F. Can’t find them on the Internet or music stores.
Do you know of any contact person with in hohner that may have that information?
Thanks so much

Hi Mickey,
for all Hohner parts please check out the CSHOP on the website

Here the link to purchase old GM reedplates:


Hi Steve, it seems that Hohner does not ship to individuals in the US or Canada. I’m trying to purchase 12 old style GM reeds plates.
Do you know of any other avenue I can take to make this purchase?
And by the way, I really appreciate your time and effort!
I’ve used all of my old style GM parts to their limit.
Most of them if not all have metal fatigue.
At this point several of my GM clients are in limbo sort to speak…lol. This is my last ditch effort to rebuild a few for them. My advice to them is to try the new GM or the Hohner rocket or rocket amp, MB deluxe or MB crossover
Any suggestions?

Thanks Steve


Hi Mickey,
sorry to have taken so long to reply. As far as I know, the Hohner Service CSHOP ships to individuals worldwide and they appear to stock the GM Classic reed plates, here a link:

The new GM is in my opinion a great instrument, the new design features a number of improvements and it plays very well. I think the Rocket Amp would probably suit GM players better than the regular Rocket, as the covers don’t have side vents. And although I’m biased, the MB Crossover is hard to beat. The fine tuning is considerably closer to 12TET than the other models you mention.

I see that I already recommended you to contact the CSHOP. I’m puzzled that you say they don’t ship to individuals in the USA or Canada. They’re off for the weekend now, but I’ll check this out on Monday and get back to you.

You’re right, Hohner Service in Trossingen tells me that they can’t sell spare parts directly to end users in the USA or Canada. You’ll need to contact Brent Rosborough at KHS, who should be able to arrange for a Hohner dealer to supply you with the parts you need:

I hope that works out for you!