Non Sticking Wind Savers & Valves.. Are there any at all?

Please explain different types of Windsavers or they are generally known as Valves… Back in the days they had Leather and now they have perforated ones and some claims that it isn’t so sticky… I am being naive because I got no Idea about any non sticking Valves as yet and I always warm up my harmonicas that have Wind Savers in it… Even in Europe Summer… Then I tend to play my Valved harmonica with minimum salivation involved… I just want to know are there any Non sticking Teflon like deal in the market of Harmonica Valves?

Any valve will stick if it gets sticky substances stuck to it. If you play after eating or drinking, chances are your valves will start to stick and buzz. They can be cleaned, but your first line of defense is to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth before playing.

I’m not aware of anyone presently selling teflon valves. They’re difficult to make and difficult to attach as they tend to fall off.

One alternative is the single-layer valves marketed by in the US. I’ve used these as replacement valves with good results.


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