Old harmonicas and other historical things about Hohner

Let’s take advantage of our great group of lovers and experts to learn more about the history of Hohner harmonics and other interesting curiosities.
Found an old photo or video on the universe of hohner harmonics, post here what you found, and everyone collaborates commenting on the information they have on the subject.

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I start by posting this photo of this hohner harmonica. Can anyone tell a little more about this model?

I don’t know too much about this model. But I love the idea that someone at Hohner a long time ago said, “Let’s do this!”
In practical terms, it looks like a harmonica with a built in metal mute built on the back.
It looks great.

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Yes you are right! :+1:


here is the internet adress of the Hohner Museum in Trossingen, where you can see a lot of Hohners out of the old days

(they show you the rooms with artefacts).
Best thing however would be, you join the Hohner workshops in Trossingen comming in November and visit the museum yourself!
The one you have and show here, looks like a “war” harmonica, leaned on a pistol cartrigde.

The Museum looks fantastic and so interesting. Does the museum have every Harmonica and accordion Hohner made? Or are they still collecting items?

Hy TonyPeri, this is an answer to give from the director of the museum. I really don’t know myself. There are so many harmonicas, it’s realy a pleasure to slender through the rooms!
Regards, Kerstin