Players with the best tone


Here i go again…for me the tone on the harmonica is probably the most important thing,in my opinion if you just play a couple notes in the right place but with a good tone,thats enough to make it rock!So who are the players that got the best tone for your opinion?mine without a doubt is Big Walter Horton,and on the Chromatic George Smith…i know…they both are blues players!but aint the bluesman known for having the best tone?!


George Smith on both diatonic and chromatic harmonica. And of course Sonny Boy Willimason II


I love the subject of “TONE” but find that in order to really get into what it is and what it isn’t you may want to actually divide it into “Sound & Tone”. I have concluded that there are 5 types of Sound and 5 types of Tone which I have thus far been able to explain everything that I have been hearing. I am also in agreement with Marcos that Big Walter had the best Sound & Tone!!! Right on. Below is a link to a bit more info.


Well, not sure if it is the best tone but it is a very particular and cool one: Stevie Wonder!


well, I love stevie wonder’s tone, very sweet and with a lot of soul , also there is one guy from Porto Alegre that has a great tone , Alexandre rossi, he influences many harmonica players in the south of Brasil too.


I love Phil Wiggings’ tone. Unmistakable!!


ese tio es buenisimo tambien , siempre me llamo la atencion como agarra la armonica, la deja bien sellada me parece.
Big walter horton es otro con un gran tone. Saludos chaval! siempre apatrullando la ciudad!! jeje


jeje, chavalote!! Misión en Marbella. Saludos.
Wiggings´ way of playing harp is amazing. I like very much his tone, it´s incredible!


Joe’s article is interesting and makes me rethink my approach to producing good tone. As an intermediate player I probably haven’t thought enough about producing good tone up until now (although I can definitely hear when I’m not…). The question is how do I practice for good tone? Does it just creep up on you over the years? I find at the moment when I play around with trying to alter mouth and throat cavity I’ll more often than not ending up distorting the note rather than getting a fatter sound…


Gotta relax and breathe through that thing Johnny V. JF