Playing a long (4 bar) D, whole 1 Draw on my CX12

Any techniques on accomplishing (or a go-around) for this long note. It’s in the Ave Maria by Schubert. Thanks, Richard

Difficult, there is no go-around for this note. There are a few gifted souls who can inhale while circular breathing, but this involves using the tongue to draw in air while breathing excess air out through the nostrils. Personally I would break the note in the middle and exhale rapidly before continuing.

Hope that helps

Thanks Steve, Are you able to influence HOHNER to promote this site to Harp players? I would think with more player involvement there would be more sales. Once someone learns the basics there is always a reason to upgrade your instrument.

Hi Richard
Hohner maintains this site to engage players and supports it on their social media. It would certainly be great if more people would use it. I monitor posts and try to reply promptly. Thanks for your interest,