Proffessional ST Special

Have just acquired a Hohner Professional ST Special…serial number 851898. My guess is a build date of 1985 and probably Korean. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Appears to be a plywood manufacture as opposed to a solid wood body. Any info on parts availability would be appreciated. Am looking for a Strat style tremolo bridge that woul dfit. Bridge plate on this has a spacing of 50 mm from E to E which is very narrow…standard Strat aoppeasr to be either 53 or 56 mm which woul dnot fit without a lot of mods. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hey Kiffer! Tha’s exactly how I would decode your serial number. Made in Korea 1985.
You are lucky. I could locate a schematic for that model. Handwritten and scanned. A true piece of museum.

Thanks Kristin for that information. I will confirm that the wiring diagram is that same as the guitar I have. I am in the process of rebuilding it. The problem I am getting into is the bridge and saddles are unusually narrow. The bridge is 50 mm wide and saddles are 10 mm wide as opposed to what appears to be the more standard 56 for the bridge and 10.8 for the saddles. Any ideas where I would be able to obtain the narrower bridge components?? The guitar seems to be a very original model and I am trying to avoid ant serious modifications.

Honestly, I have no idea.

Try Stewmac in the USA. It may not be original parts, but they may have what you need to set it up nicely.

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Thanks Tony. I have had a quick look at StewMac, but not a real in depth search. That is my next plan of attack. If I have any success, I will post here in case somebody else has the same problem.

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