Replacing reed plates in a chromatic


I am replacing the reed plates in my 64 chromatic and I am having problems. The screws that I originally had do not fit the new reed plates. I just ordered some new reed plates screws from the C shop. I will let you know what happened. I probably cross threaded in anger…


Hey Paul,
what’s wrong with the screw? We haven’t had any technical changes for while so they should fit.
Best regards


You have to tap the new reed plates. They do not come tapped (threaded) from the factory. When we send out new reed plates for customers, I tap the plates for them, so this is not an issue.

Also, do not overtighten the screws or you will also strip the thread as its only brass.


Hey everybody,
our screws are thread-forming. By tightening them they cut the thread. There is no need for prior tapping!
Best regards