Rockwood by Hohner Bass Guitar

Hi. I’m just enquiring as to whether anybody would be able to help me find some info about my Rockwood by Hohner bass guitar that I have. It was my first bass guitar, my dad bought it for me, I was about 14 or 15 at the time, so it could have been around 1995 or '96 when I got it. Don’t think it was new, think it was second-hand but I’m not too sure! Anyway, the serial number is: LX90B 055743. Cheers.

Greetings, There isn’t much information we would be able to supply about these models from this time frame as much of that has been lost. If you would like to send me a photo via email I can see what we are able to come across. Unfortunately we did not keep any records of serial numbers so this will not help.

Hi Martyn,

I recently bought one LX90B second hand. I can’t find a lot on internet on this bass guitar. Mine has a sticker from the retailer with an old telephone number before October 10th, 1995. I can’t seem to find the serial number. Where did you find it?


Hi Jan. I found the serial number on my Hohner Bass on the back of the headstock near to the machine heads. It’s a small triangular sticker. I’ve tried to post a pic of it on here but it’s not allowing me to do so for some reason. Unfortunately though, from what I’ve been told (see message above), no information can be gathered about the instrument from the serial number as it seems they didn’t keep any records. Sorry about the late reply too, but hope I’ve helped!


Managed to put an image on. Hope this makes things clearer as to where it was on mine, and what you need to look for!