Rockwood Pro RP450G

I own 2 Hohner guitars for some time ( MX1Harbor Series / Professionnal “The Prinz”), and I just bought a RockwoodPRO RP450G in brand new condition. Very hard to find any review on this model or technical data… does anyone there can help ? many thanks !

Hello Selekter,
Sorry to read that you have so much trouble finding out more about your guitars. The Hohner archive has a lot of blank spaces.
What I found is there was a heavy metal model named RockwoodPRO RP450G. This guitar was built in the middle to late nineties.
The HOHNER Professional “The Prinz“ was introduced in 1985 and remained part of the assortment until 1994. First they were made in Korea and later in the early 90s in Indonesia.

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