Serial number confirmation


I just purchased a classical? Höhner guitar serial number 018087. Although perhaps it is not the serial number, I couldn’t find any other number inside or out. I’d love to know more about it. What sort of wood it is made from, is it actually a classical guitar, etc. The stamp on the inside says HG4. Not 04 just 4. There’s a small tag that says Made in Korea.

I’m pretty new to classical guitars so I’m quite ignorant and don’t mind being educated.


The HG-04 was a steel dreadnought guitar so it’s not one of those. There was an HG14 classical guitar that was made in Korea. Is it possible the 1 is very feint? In any case, post a picture or two and that will help identify it.


It doesn’t seem possible that there is any room for another number next between the HG and the 4. Also, both the HG and 4 are very clear and not smudged or faint. I’ve added a few photos. It is strung with nylon strings on the lower three but possibly still has steel on the top? It’s been 10 years since I played so I can’t quite remember what the upper three are supposed to appear like. I only played for two months so I don’t have much recollection.

It does have the classical shape. Also the knobs match the HG14. The white inlay on the back matches the white inlay found on the HG15. I haven’t seen any HG 14 that have a white inlay on the back. Also I can’t seem to find the same pattern of inlay work around the sound hole.

The exact specs of guitars did vary over the years but I doubt a back inlay would be added to a model that didn’t have it so that rules out the HG-14. I agree the model number seems to clearly be HG4 but that makes no sense in the Hohner numbering scheme. The style of label, Korean manufacture and HG model number together make it pretty certain it’s a 1980s guitar (and probably early 80s). Woods are likely to be spruce laminate top; mahogany back, sides and neck; and rosewood fingerboard (because most of them were and it doesn’t look like a rosewood back which is the main alternative).

Thanks Phil, you’re a mine of information!

Hello Phil,

Ah thank you so much for the information. It will definitely help. I don’t know why I have an oddly marked guitar, I can see if the original owner is willing to share some information with me.

Is there a site you’d recommend for how to clean the rosewood and mahogany properly? The finish is a bit marred with white splotches.

Thanks again and sorry for the delay in replying. I have two wee ones that keep me rather busy.