Serial number look up

I have a HW-220 we’re the serial number on the paper (hand crafted Hohner established 1857) is not visible anymore, BUT the headstock is stamped 0009414314!

Any guesses as to where this dreadnot was made?

Friend gave it to me believing it was un playable; well after a few half turns on the trust rod screw and new strings she sounds great. Am I assuming correctly it was made in 1994? The tuning pegs appear older, gear visible style, but what do I know!? Thanks.

Hi Mathias,
you may well be right in your assumption about year of manufacture, the first 2 digits often denote the year. I’ll ask Hohner Service if they know where it was made.

Hohner Service say they can’t find this number, but confirm that HW-220 guitars were manufactured in the mid-1990s, presumably in S. Korea, so 1994 would appear to be correct. Here the available specs, they also seem to fit:

-6-string acoustic
-dreadnought-size body
-mahogany back, sides and neck
-spruce top
-rosewood fingerboard,
-20 frets
-open tuning machines
-adjustable tension rod

Hope that helps,