So nice to be a part of this big comunity/ team


Dear Friends,
Ive been playing hohner harps since 5, most of the time Greek folk songs the standard way (C harp for C song, i developed a great technique from my uncle (tremolo, cupping and tongue accompaniments). Growing up i started playing the guitar and i forgot about my little metal buddy. Now at my 47, i just started bending for the first time (taking blues harp lessons from one of the best here in Greece - Nick Skiadopoulos from the Blues Cargo Band) and im having fun with harp again.
After buying some harps from lee oscar n seydel, i finally came back to Hohner and ended up (soundwise) to Hohner Marine Band Deluxe …my now favorite.
My favorite player (just because of his sound n the technique of mixing rhythm n lead playing so well) is Adam Gussow.

Nice to see (n feel ) u all
Stay cool
Dimitris (JimmyBoyBlues)


Hey Dimitris, welcome to the MyHohner community. I hope you’ll have a good time with lots of musical exchange over here.


thank u very much Richard


Welcome!if you like harmonica ,you are in the right place


Sounds good Jimmy! You can’t go wrong with a Marine Band Deluxe :smile: