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Hi everybody ~ I wonder if there’s a good source for backing tracks to acccompany the harmonica. YouTube is somewhat limited from my searches. Thanks!


There are a ton of backing tracks to be found online, but most are not specifically aimed at harmonica players. To redress the balance, I have published three volumes of Blues Harmonica Playalongs as book/CD packages, each available in English and German:

Steve Baker: Blues Harmonica Playalongs vols. 1 - 3, artist ahead Musikverlag

These are instrumental tunes in a range of blues and related styles, recorded with a great band. Each song comes in two versions on the CD, one with my harp and the other as a playback without harp. The book contains transcriptions and detailed descriptions of what I played and how I played it. Available from the publisher here:


Thanks dude. :notes:
Is there a way to preview, or listen to the tracks before purchasing?


I can really recommend Steve’s Blues Harmonica Playalongs. I also started out with them.

Besides that you should also try out backing tracks that aren’t necessarily harmonica related or suitable at first sight. There is a lot of stuff on YouTube. Here are some channels for playalongs I like:
QuistTV (for blues and modal grooves)
Gonzalo Bergara (for gypsy jazz)
Learnjazzstandards (for jazz)
Camilo Valendia (a recent discovery of mine)

(Somehow I can not post links to Youtube)

Hope this helps!



Thank you very much. I love the diversity.


Hi ,

I recommend this

It has tons of good backing tracks for practicing , its a good way to play in different posicions too

Cheers and have fun !


Thank you very very much. I just checked out a great track in A minor


You can listen to a selection of the tracks on my website:

Steve Baker


try making your own backing with audacity software and bits of you tube
easy to put together.
favourite players mark feltham from nine below zero,johnny mars,slim harpo.