SPAH 2019 convention - who is going, etc

Aloha everybody :rainbow:

I”m thinking about trekin’ to Tulsa in August for the convention.ive never been before, but now that I’m a self described intermediate player, I think I’m ready to join in the fun and enjoy learning more and the fellowship of the harp community.

I’m trying to get my sister to come along. She doesn’t play harmonica but loves music.

Is my thinking good?
Who is going?
What are your favorite parts of the convention?



I’ll be there! It’s an amazing time to get exposure to new things. Can’t say enough if you have passion for the harmonica and how to play it. Joe Filisko


Thanks Joe. Somehow, I’m going to make it happen.

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I think your wife will enjoy it as well. Each evening there are performance events with world class soloists and bands of many genres. There are opportunities to see youth from 10 to 18 are having the thrill of live performance. Here are some of the photos and a video I have captured over the years that really illustrate the fun:


SPAH 2017

SPAH 2016

2015 (some great blow off images)


2013 (great blow off images)

Video clips from evening shows

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Thank you Kieth. Those are some fine images and videos. You have brought the SPAH convention to life.

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You’ll love SPAH Jaya, it’s a wonderful event! You may also be interested in the Harmonica Masters Workshops in Trossingen (October 30th - November 3rd):
Another great opportunity to link up with other players, and a chance to learn from the best :smile:

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Thanks for the feedback Steve. Germany at the end of October sounds good, although 2020 is more likely given my commitments. Great idea and thanks for the suggestion.

I just got the Spring issue of Harmonica Happenings. It features the convention and they are asking for 60 and 90 minute presentations, including interesting topics besides learning and playing harmonica… I’ve been teaching anatomy & physiology and pathology in massage schools (vocational school certified) since 2003 and Yoga teacher training and modern orthopedic rehab since 2008.

I’ve been focusing my research and workshops on the central nervous system, trauma and chronic pain the last few years and always make a point about the therapeutic value of music, especially playing, including wind instruments but most especially harmonica. I can explain, in layman terms, the anatomy & physiology of learning and playing the harp, how it helps resolve trauma, chronic pain and respiratory system pathology. I would assume the research done at Stanford with David Barrett has been discussed. Topics such as the polyvagal theory and neuroplasticity however give me hope in these interesting times we live in.

Do you or anyone else have any opinions on my proposal to teach a 60 minute session on how the harmonica is helpful for our mental, emotional and physical health?

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Hey Keith! Great job on the vids. Will we be seeing you in Tulsa? Joe