Special 20 Country Tuning

I just got a Special 20 Country Tuned C. So now, playing in second position, or G, includes F#. I was wandering around YouTube and what did I find? Steve Baker’s extraordinary video that provides an excellent introduction to the genius of alternate tuning, including Country along with natural & harmonic minor tuningsr. Totally awesome stuff. Very helpful. Thank you.


I like this video too. For those who don’t know which video was meant, you can find it here.

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Hi Jaya, I’m glad the video was helpful. Country Tuning (or Major 7th as I prefer to call it) is indeed an amazing resource. I use it all the time and must have played it on over 50% of the studio work I’ve done in the past 30 years. It’s great to be able to play major key melodies in 2nd position and the parallel minor key in 5th is also brilliant :grin: